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 TDK Gourmet – Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Jerky

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            7795 Davis Boulevard, Suite 202B  Naples, FL  34104

Located in the Pelican Larry’s plaza. 

We face Davis Boulevard so find the fountain courtyard &  follow the paw prints to the shop.



All of our treats are made with the “human touch” of carefully crafted dedication. Never mass produced, never automated. It is important to us that we produce consistent, quality products because we know it’s important and what matters to you and your pets.


Dehydrated Treats

Whether you choose our premium grade chicken breast, turkey, beef, chicken liver jerky or our sweet potatoes from our Signature Dehydrated line or our         TDK Gourmet line, you can be assured that all of our jerky treats are low fat, have no by-products and are produced with absolutely NO added animal fats, salts, dyes, sugars, fillers, chemicals or preservatives.  We offer THE BEST QUALITY treats for you and your pets that contain only 100% pure, USA human grade meats that are prepared naturally and thinly sliced for easier consumption. If grass-fed and  grass-finished jerky is important to you, then try our TDK Gourmet line of grass-fed and grass-finished beef jerky, lamb, bison, ground beef or free range duck. 100% Antibotic & Hormone Free. All grown in family owned farms that are environmentally and ethnically driven. 



Baked Treats

Our freshly Classic Baked treats are CORN, WHEAT & SOY FREE and are lovingly made with the simplest approach and the purest ingredients like whole ground oats and peanut butter made from scratch  from only dry roasted, unsalted peanuts.  And of course, we only use our own Dehydrated Chicken Breast in our Lil’ Chicky Cheesers recipe.


Antler Chews

We also carry Grade A Deer, Elk and Moose USA antler chews that are farm raised in Colorado and Maine and are naturally harvested (no animals are killed).  Antlers are packed with calcium and nutrients and have so many additional benefits from Mother Nature, at the best prices.




When it time to kick back and relax, try our Clean Canine Collection of shampoos and soaps. Made by a local Naples soap artisan, Choose from our subtle scents and bathe n the luxury of knowing your dog’s spa day excludes any chemical homogenizers, dyes or preservatives. Or if your spa day includes a mud bath, why not try Madra Mor Canine Spa Treatments? 

  Top Dog Kitchen – Proudly made in the USA!

How to Order:

  • call 239-331-8143


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Top Dog Kitchen is based in Naples, FL
We deliver to Naples, and ship to the continental United States.


If you are outside of the continental US, please email us at Sales@TopDogKItchen.com with your address and order quantities and we  will respond with shipping details.