002One of my two dogs. This is Matisse. He weighs 30 pounds. Nicknames are Teaser, Scout and Peepers (don’t ask). He is a Mini Aussie from California. He has problems. I have never had a dog with two distinct personalities.

Matisse#1 is a ferocious  150 pound full size Aussie. He scouts ahead on walks for interlopers. He will protect my wife, my home, my other dog from any intruder. Even if those intruders come on a bike, skateboard or at the front door…. especially the front door.   Me?, not so much. He will place his 30 pound body between us and any menace and will gleefully give his life to protect us. Any golfer that gets near our lanai is sure to meet  a quick and painful death at his paws. 

And then there is Matisse #2. Afraid of everything! Wind, rain, storms, noise. His favorite toy is a Monkey Stick from Murphy’s Paw in Pleasanton, CA.  If there is any beeping from the fire or smoke alarm, he grabs his Monkey stick and exits the premises. He comes to me (the person he did not guard) trembling and afraid, needing some type of comfort and affirmation that I will wrap my arms around him and protect him like any good dad would. Which I do.  Until he becomes Matisse #1 again.