We have lots of treats. All healthy, all USDA, mostly single ingredient treats. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes dogs have developed allergies to common things such as chicken and beef due to all the other ingredients that are bundled in with most treats or dog food. Try telling your dog that they can’t have a favorite chicken treat anymore. Good luck with that!

So, we need an alternative. Something that fits the bill of our quality standards but deviates from the normal offering of chicken or top sirloin beef.

Enter the exotics….. treats that deliver satisfaction and nutrition without dietary compromise.

Bison Liver –  Raised in the USA, bison liver provides nutrients for allergic dogs or dogs who are on a limited ingredient diet.

Lamb Lung –   If your dog is already on a lamb diet due to allergies, these treats will compliment its diet without compromise. Lamb based foods used to be considered “hypoallergenic” when most commercial dog foods were made with chicken or beef and corn or wheat. If your dog is not allergic to beef, we also have beef lung.

So take heart! We are committed to adding more items to this list so that your dog can have a healthy treat, made in the USA that won’t compromise their immune system.

Does your dog have diabetes? Then consider our Classic Baked line of treats. An excellent treat choice if your dog suffers from diabetes. NO form of sugar such as corn syrup, fructose or molasses as well as being CORN, WHEAT & SOY FREE. Also, only lean chicken breast is used in our Lil’ Chicky Cheesers. Some treats are even Gluten Free!

Coming soon- Quail, Kangaroo, Salmon, Duck, Goat and Rabbit!