USA Elk, Deer and Moose Antler Chews for Dogs Information


The reason dogs like antler chews, especially moose antler for chews for dogs, is simple.

Dogs are carnivores and need meat and calcium and all the other minerals found in antlers. The antler outside surface is a hard calcium, phosphorous and magnesium shell found almost exactly in the same ratio and in a bio-available form that active dogs need and crave. As a bonus, the antler core is essentially a high power form of bone marrow (meat) supercharged with red blood cells and super nutrients that promote healing and growth. Our pricing gives you high quality Moose antler chews for dogs at the best price.


Moose antler chews for dogs are a natural source of the following essential minerals:

• Collagen-Good for bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage
• Lipids- Essential for growth and development
• Glucosamine- Good for joints and tissue
• Calcium- Benefits bones and teeth
• Iron- Essential for healthy blood cells
• Potassium- Good for nerve and muscle function
• Magnesium- Aids in storing and releasing energy
• Phosphorus- Benefits bones and teeth

Additional benefits include:

• Regenerative effects on joint cartilage and fluid
• Healthier coat
• Aids in kidney function
• Cleans teeth
• 100% Natural
• Non-allergenic treat


  • Like for any new chew toy, ALWAYS supervise your dog when giving antler chew sticks or buttons.
  • Do not allow them to try and swallow them or break them in half. 
  • These natural antler chews are very hard and can break teeth if too aggressively chewed.  
  • Some dogs get overly possessive of antler dog chews. 
  • Use caution when taking an antler chew toy away from your dog. 
    Top Dog Kitchen disclaims any liability for pet problems due to natural instincts, failure to supervise or aggressive behavior.

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