See what’s cooking at Top Dog Kitchen!  Ark Naturals is here!


We have a new addition to our line of boutique healthy treats!              

Made here in Naples!

You know me,  if I can address a health issue using a holistic solution rather than a drug…. I do it. That’s why we are now proud to carry Ark Natural treats.  Ark Naturals is the leading manufacturer of health, remedy and lifestyle solutions for pets from head to tail. For over 16 years, Ark Naturals has provided the most complete line of wellness and remedy products of the highest quality.

I love being able to use the science of medicine to have a homeopathic solution. Best of all, they are located right here in beautiful Naples, FL. Since I control what my dogs digest I feel comfortable using their products.  Personally, my dogs use the Plaque Zapper in their water bowl to address plaque on the teeth. They use the Brushless Toothpaste so we don’t struggle with brushing their teeth. Matisse has incorporated the Happy Traveler calming chew with his regular Rescue Remedy to clam and relax him. if I use the products on my dog that a good sign it works and is safe.  

Note the mission statement from their website –

Ark Naturals provides the most complete, all-natural pet product line currently available. Ark’s products include ‘Wellness’ products that provide them the vital nutrition missing in commercial pet foods and ‘Remedy’ products that help to solve common pet related problems.

Our goal is to address the care needs of companion animals by formulating a line of products, using only the finest human grade raw materials. Our products are formulated by professionals and are based on the best and most accurate science available at this time. We pledge to continue our efforts to not only produce the leading line of pet care nutraceuticals, but to be aware that the pursuit of scientific data regarding preventative health care is a continuing process.

In recognizing that scientists will provide us with new and continuing insight, we know we need to remain open-minded and flexible to be able to continue to formulate the finest line of pet care nutraceuticals.