made in usa

It’s obvious isn’t it? Why wouldn’t you buy dog treats made in the USA? No brainer, right? It isn’t. The USA has lots of rules and regulations in place concerning food safety.. ……for people that is. Not so much for pet food and certainly not for treats. If it took almost 2 years for the FDA to take notice about tainted dog treats from China and other countries, one does not have a warm fuzzy about current treat offerings. But that is not the case at Top Dog Kitchen.

But what would you do if I told you about our approach and commitment to our USA & USDA dog treats? These are just some of the ways that we go above and beyond to keep treats pure, safe, delicious, low fat and consistent.

• Our treats are dehydrated in a USA facility that dehydrates people jerky – same sanitary standards in preparation and at the same cooked temperature. The facility is USDA inspected.
• Our dehydrated treats are pure meat. Period. Be it chicken breast, beef, turkey, lamb, bison or liver. No additives, no fillers and no added salts, chemicals or preservatives. Whatever the front label says it is in the pouch and it is ALL that you are getting. 100% pure USDA meat.  What a concept!
• We dehydrate every 2 weeks. Everything is fresh. Nothing sits on a dusty shelf in a warehouse for months or shipped from overseas before you give our treat to your pet.
• We have the jerky meat sliced very thinly which actually takes twice the labor time to do so because we care. No big thick pieces of jerky that your dog can choke on.
• If you are local, we let your dog try everything first. We want you and your pet to be satisfied.

So, there is a difference. You can step it up. You can have confidence that you are getting what you think and want to get for your dog if you get Top Dog Kitchen naturally good dog treats.