Why we carry moose antler chews for dogs

Moose antler chews for dogs

We’ve got USA elk and deer and moose antlers. Why have moose antler chews for dogs? What is so different?

Well, some things are the same for deer and elk but some things ARE different for moose. For starters, the nutritional values are basically the same between all of them.

All antlers are a natural source of the following essential minerals and this is why we ONLY believe in Mother Nature’s perfect chew and no other:

• Collagen-Good for bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage
• Lipids- Essential for growth and development
• Glucosamine- Good for joints and tissue
• Calcium- Benefits bones and teeth
• Iron- Essential for healthy blood cells
• Potassium- Good for nerve and muscle function
• Magnesium- Aids in storing and releasing energy
• Phosphorus- Benefits bones and teeth

That means that antlers offer additional benefits such as regenerative effects on joint cartilage and fluid, healthier coat, aids in kidney function, cleans teeth and is a natural and non-allergenic chew.

The difference is the delivery. Moose antler chews for dogs have the yummy marrow exposed on 3 to 4 sides. Easier to chew than a regular antler and great for puppies learning to chew, dogs that are new to antlers or for the old guys that have less teeth as they used to but really still love to chew.

We like moose antler chews for dogs much better than deer or elk  split antlers for a good reason. The split antlers are quickly hollowed out and the dog will have a sharp edge that will cut his lip. Of course, the dog doesn’t care so they continue to chew and bleed on your pristine white carpet. Not good. Check out our moose antlers chew for dogs and see if they are right for your pup. Happy chewing!