If you can no longer care for your pets, giving them away for free to someone who has generously offered to care for them may seem like the right thing to do, but there are good reasons not to.

Criminals prey on people who just want the animals to go to a good home. You may even hear a sob story from someone who wants your animal but can’t afford to pay an adoption fee. But chances are, if they can’t afford to pay a $50 adoption fee, they can’t afford to take care of your pet. Charging an adoption fee also prevents someone from taking your animals on a whim, and then turning them in at the local shelter in a month or two, after they get bored.

Abuse & Torture
There are sick people in the world who want your dogs and cats just to abuse, torture and kill them. By charging an adoption fee, you make it much more difficult for these animal abusers to acquire animals – specifically, your animals.

Some people steal animals to use as “bait” for dogfighting.In dogfighting, dogs are trained to be vicious and trained to attack other animals. These animals are the “bait” animals. Again, charging an adoption fee makes it more difficult for someone to acquire animals for dogfighting.

B Dealers
“B dealer,” are a random source animal dealer who is regulated by the USDA and sells animals to laboratories. B dealers sometimes acquire animals in unscrupulous ways, and charging a small adoption fee makes your animal less profitable or unprofitable to them.

Visit the potential adopter’s home and speak with the other family members.
Ask for references: Call the references and ask if the family has taken good care of their current or past pets
Ask for a vet reference: Call their current or past veterinarian and ask about the family’s other pets and how well they were cared for.
Google them:
Lastly, Be prepared to take the animal back

Thank You!